Don't let a disputeget you bannedfrom Stripe

ByeDispute monitors fraudulent activity to prevent chargebacks from stolen credit cards, unusual payment activity, or even spammers.

1034 solopreneurs ship safe

Payment with suspicious email

Send email alert + Refund last payment

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Dispute avoided + Saved $15 fee 🎉

New Stripe accounts are vulnerable

Your 1st payment can get youout of the game

Visa and MasterCard tolerate up to 0.65% dispute rate. If you get 1 dispute for 5 payments, that's already 20%. Stripe will pull the red flag. Solopreneurs got banned for life because of that, including me.

A tweet showing a solopreneur getting banned from Stripe for one dispute

A dispute can arise overnight

  • A scammer testing stolen cards
  • Your competitor paying with virtual cards
  • A customer forgets your monthly subscription and disputes the last 3 months
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There's a better way...

Prevent disputesbefore they happen

  • Connect your Stripe account in seconds, no code needed. Choose fraudulent patterns you want to monitor. ByeDispute listens for events and triggers your rules when a pattern is detected.
  • ByeDispute automatically takes action to prevent disputes by running your custom actions, like sending yourself an email or refunding the payment.
  • ByeDispute dashboard shows alerts about suspicious payments and actions taken. It links to the Stripe payment so you can check it. For each dispute avoided, you save the $15 Stripe fee and keep your account in good standing.

Why isn't something like this built into Stripe already?

ByeDispute in 3 minutes

Marc Lou

I got banned from Stripe so you don't have to.

Hey, it's Marc 👋 Launched my habit tracker in March '22 and I woke up to 5 sales, hoorah!

But joy turned to shock: -$75 in dispute fees & my account was being closed. Fraudulent transactions spiked my dispute rate while I slept...

I fought back. But despite 5 years with Stripe and $50K+ in earnings, the decision remained the same:

"We're sorry that we can no longer offer our services to you, and we wish you the best of luck with your business."

Getting banned from Stripe means:
  • All accounts are frozen
  • Can't open new accounts

My dream became a nightmare... Luckily, I was building in public on Twitter and complained. Someone re-investigated and un-banned my account.

Many solopreneurs weren't as lucky and got banned permanently. That's why I built ByeDispute.


Prevent disputes before they happen

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Protected transactions
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • ByeDispute is a Stripe chargeback protection no-code tool:

    It listens to webhook events on your Stripe account and detects fraudulent patterns. For instance, a user pays with a disposable email, a customer reports a stolen credit card (Early Fraud Warning event), etc.

    ByeDispute will then run the dispute prevention rules you've set up. You can send yourself an email to check the payment, refund it, etc.

  • Yes, as many as you want. Credits are shared across all your Stripe accounts.

  • Both provides real-time fraud protection. But ByeDispute operates where Stripe Radar doesn't:

    Fake customer emails, stolen credit cards, domino disputes, etc.

  • Nope. ByeDispute is a no-code tool. You can set up your rules in a few clicks.

  • You can create a Restricted API key with limited permissions for specific resources only.

  • Nothing. We don't collect any data. ByeDispute listens to webhooks events on your Stripe account and runs the rules you've set up. That's it.

  • Yes, it will take you weeks away from your core product + tons of headaches reading Stripe API + you'll miss some fraudulent patterns that took me years to find out + you'll have to redo it for each new startup.

  • Yes, it's impossible to prevent all disputes. But ByeDispute will prevent up to 80% of them.

  • Stripe is the best payment processor for startups. But you could get banned forever for getting some disputes.

    It only takes 1 dispute to be out of the game if your Stripe account is new (regardless of your history with other Stripe accounts).

  • Cool, contact us by email

1034 solopreneurs ship safe

Here's what they have to say about our Stripe chargeback protection tool.

  • I like to ship startups fast. Implementing a full chargeback protection system would have wasted me days. I was able to add it with one click with ByeDispute

    Nico Jeanen
    Nico Jeanen's testimonial for ByeDispute
  • So simple to use, truly nocode – just click click click, and I got these rules all set up in 10min. For ALL my products on Stripe! <$100 is damn good value to pay for good sleep imh

    Jason Leow
    Jason Leow's testimonial for ByeDispute
  • We process over $100k on Stripe every day and have high ticket sales ranging from $2k to $5k, so it was important for us to stop scams or disputes to save on fees and our Stripe account. 1 day into using ByeDispute, the app has already alerted us about a suspicious payment.

    Nick's testimonial for ByeDispute